Lions Club of Ballina Achievements - an abbreviated summary

Oct. 28, 1952

Ballina Club was officially formed following the first meeting on August 29, 1952.

Feb. 14, 1953

Ballina Lions Club was chartered as club No. 10 by the Lismore Lions Club. 

Nov. 1952

Our first charity fundraising project was to purchase mosquito nets for the Ex-Servicemen’s home.

1955 to 1990

Hired & used our clubs Merry-go-Round.

1967 to 1991

Sold lucky envelopes as a fund raising activity.


Hosted prestige dinners to celebrate 50 years of Lions Clubs International & 20 years of Lions in Australia.


Inducted 10 new members including Gordon Jarrett to restore our club flagging strength.

1967 to 1991

Beautified & erected shelters at the Ballina Lions Commemorative Park.

1969 onwards

Our first Youth of the Year contest.

1970 to 1971

Lion Keith Barlow  elected District Governor of District 201Q1

1971 to 2008

Our first Miss Personality Quest to support Lions Medical Research & Lions Northern Community Trust.

1972 onwards

Lions Christmas cake sales.

1973 onwards

Barbeques at various events.

1973,84 & 99

Hosted District 201A & 201Q1 Conventions.

1978 onwards

Lion’s community caravan hired by charity groups.

1978 to 1992

Installed “Toc H” lights for charity groups.

1978, 86 & 87

Sponsored Alstonville, Lennox Head (original) & Ballina East Lions Clubs.

1979 to 2004

Sold Lions mints.

1983 onwards

Meals on Wheels.


DG Bob Hopgood presented club with outstanding award.


Storage shed built on council land to store club property.

1986 to 1989

Erected shelter sheds at Bi-Centennial gardens.

1987 onwards

Council provided Lions West End hall for club use.


Distributed 7,000 wheelie bins throughout the shire.  Raised $23,000.

1990 to 2010

Christmas trailer raffle.

1993 to 1996

Install & maintain an ocean waterways emergency identification system.


MD201 Convention – 50 years in Australia.  Hosted Las Balsas raft street parade.


Held the Ballina bed race & raised $10,000 to purchase 6 emergency beds for the Ballina District Hospital.


Supplied & installed for Ballina Meals on Wheels.


Participated in the Torch Relay with barbeque raising $2,000 prior to the Olympic games.


Chaired Combined Services Club for the Ballina Aquatic Festival.


Lions Clubs Ballina & East Ballina raised over $24,000 for the NSW bush fire appeal.


Raised $3,000 for a horse & equipment for the Ballina RDA.


Raised $4,700 for a Hart Walker machine.

2002 onwards

Raised $12,500 from the inaugural World Festival of Magic. Held every year in October or November to benefit special needs children, their carers and aged care citizens

2002 to 2010

Hold monthly BBQ's at  Missingham Bridge.

2003 to 2004

Lion Peter Dean elected District Governor of district 201Q1.


Provided special feeding chair for a severely handicapped baby.  Cost $1,000.

2003 onwards

Formed and continued to support the Ballina High School Leo Club.

2004 to 2005

Collected $21,840 for the Tsunami Appeal along with the Ballina Leo Club.

2004 to 2005

Conducted the International Peace Poster contest with the local primary schools.

2004 to 2005

Hosted Lions visitors from Finland & Canada as part of the Lions Operation Friendship project.


Installed smoke detectors in disables & elderly people’s homes in Ballina.


Supported Colin Ricketts (unaided) walk around Australia with Wilson his glorified pram.

2005 to 2006

Committed to financing a Lions Hearing Dog for a local profoundly deaf couple.

2004 to 2010

Sourced wool & knitted Love Rugs & donated them to Lions Youth Insearch.


Raised $2,200 at the Ballina RivaFest.


Donated $2,000 to the Ballina Surf Lifesaving Club to replace stolen medical equipment etc.


Catered for Biala Special School garage sale.


Catered for Relay for Life.


Managed & catered for the Amy Gillett Foundation, bike ride while in Ballina.

2005 to 2008

Lion Peter Dean appointed Queensland Coordinator for the SightFirst Campaign.

2006 to 2008

Commenced Annual Ballina Lions 10 & 5km Fun Run Walk, Donated $18,000 to SIghtFirst II in 2008. Achieved Model Club Status. Refer Fun Run Walk Section for photos & results

 2008   Provided a Lions Hearing Dog to local deaf couple
 2009 to present       Sponsored and continued to support the Ballina Kings
                                   Lioness Club for special needs people
 2009 to present       Continued with Annual Ballina Lions Fun Run Walk raising
    average of $7,000 - $8,000 pa for several local community
    organisations. Refer Fun Run Walk Section for details
 2010    Conducted 100 mile walk around Ballina's River street
     raising $5,000 for Australian Seabird Rescue
 2010 - 2013    Provided regular parking service for patrons of major
     Ballina racecourse events
 2012    Planted 64 trees in Kingsford Smith Park with help of our
     Youth Exchange student from Sicily